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Server Hosting

At BVI Web Design we provide server hosting exclusively for our web design clients.

Located in a large secure data center in the USA, and co-located in Canada, the facilities which hold our data are world class in terms of redundancy backup and security.

We also make regular scheduled local backups of all the sites we manage.

We pay a considerable premium to have a dedicated server manager who we can call on any time if and when problems arise.

It certainly isn't the cheapest, but when things go wrong as they inevitably do from time to time, would you want to rely on a large faceless bulk hosting operation to really care about your data?

Managed server hosting starts at $280/year and is only available to our web design clients. 
Domain names

If you are looking to register a domain name we are happy to do it on your behalf. Wether it's a .com, a .vg or any other top level domain our client account can register and hold the domain.

If you already have a domain name we can assist in transferring it to our client account where it can be efficiently managed.

Of course if you're happy with your current registrar you can keep it there and point it to our servers, but as we upgrade our servers any changes that are required to your NS records will be your responsibility.

If we register it for you we manage and take care of all the technicalities.