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How does your website look on an iPhone?

Did you know that more and more of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices? Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch are now used by over 75 million people.

The total number of browser enabled smart phones is predicted to balloon to over 400 million by 2013.

In marketing terms the demographic is excellent. Smart phone users are generally more affluent, more inclined to travel, and have more disposable income to spend in the British Virgin Islands.

So why are so many of us ignoring them?

Regular websites look pretty bad when squeezed onto a small screen, and navigating is difficult if not impossible. If it’s mostly made in Flash, all your visitors will see is an error in the form of a lego cube with a question markon it. Not good at all.
The solution 

The solution is a ‘mini’ site - effectively a slimmed down version of your website which gives all of the most important information in a clear and consice way, andthat looks and works great on a smartphone screen.


Whenever a smart phone connects to your website, it will be automatically directed to this perfectly fitting ‘slimmed down’ version.

At BVI Web Design we’ve put together some packages to ensure you are makingthe most of these well-heeled-iPhone-clutching-on-the-go group of people, and starting at just $499 can you afford not to?